How to get Rasa X password

Hi! I am trying to have rasa x running on my aws instance as a service. So under /etc/systemd/system I created a service with the cmd to execute rasa x --enable-api. Everything else works well except I can not access the UI through the port 5002/login because I need the password.

Usually on local machine, I can see the password(complete url) get logged after the rasa x cmd has been executed, then I can just open it on browser. However, on aws server I tried systemctl status rasa.service --all, there is not log of url with password. Then when I used journalctl -u rasa.service, I found that the logging of that url will only be printed after the service is dead or get stopped. Do anyone know why this is the case and how can I retrieve those password?


Here is the pic of logging:

Hi @BrianYing, you can set an environment variable RASA_X_PASSWORD=<PASSWORD> which will be used if set instead of the randomly generated one. I’m not sure why those logs aren’t printed earlier but we’ll look into it!

It works! Thank you so much!

hey @ricwo can you please explain how to set password locally on rasa x instead of randomly generated password? if i have to set environment variable here too, then where to set it

@PureLogics which OS are you using? On Linux for example, you can either set the environment variable :

  • when calling rasa x: RASA_X_PASSWORD=<yourpassword> rasa x
  • by adding export RASA_X_PASSWORD=<yourpassword> in your ~/.bashrc file

Hope that helps