RasaX API for anonymous user

Hi !

I’m using Rasa X, mainly to configure a NLU project ; I don’t really care about “discussion” part, because I just want to call the NLU API with user input, and check intent and entities to do anything on my app’.

But I see that NLU API need an authentication, with login/password ; is there a way to have an anonymous user, only authorized to call NLU API, to parse string and get intent/entities ?

It’s a useless call to auth, if login/password are stored on client side, and I don’t want to write a wrapper around that just to make these 2 calls…

Is this possible ?

Thanks !

I’m ended with a simple Go forwarder, that get the token before redirect… Not ideal, but it works as fast as possible (170ms as TTFB with SSL layer)

hey, I am having a similar issue, can you please show me what ur API call looked like? like with the token?