Rasa Livecoding: Dialect Quiz Bot

Happy Friday Rasa @community

Today, Jan 24 is an extra special Friday because at 9am PST - Rasa Dev Advocate @rctatman will be livecoding a Dialect Quiz bot!

What’s livecoding? It’s folks working on real projects in real time with help from you, the audience. Expect some bugs, breakthroughs and lots of fun!


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Every Wednesday and Friday at 9 AM PST!

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Thank you Emma for sharing your thread video.

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You’re very welcome @technomoney1, and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

I think this could be a realy nice format. Would love to see more of this. And I would love to see the end-to-end result. Not just the nice stuff. Also the deployment :slight_smile:


Great idea. Is this session recorder to watch it later again?

Hey @Aragorn,

The session will be recorded and available directly afterwards via the same link above. :slight_smile:

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@Emma Awesome.

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I think I can guarantee there will be at least some struggling :sweat_smile:


Hey folks,

We hope you enjoyed part 1 of Rachael’s live coding session, today you can also look forward to part 2 with @rctatman!

In this segment she will continue to work on the Dialect Quiz bot and get started on a small prototype.

image So don’t forget to set a reminder and join us at 9am PST!

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Today Rachael will be live streaming part 3, focusing on turning the small dialect quiz in to a form that the assistant can use to elicit information. :fireworks:

You can also find a stream schedule in the OP. :spiral_calendar:

@rctatman Enjoying the series, thank you.

I’d imagine that you might possibly have come across Josh Katz’s R shiny app here. Unfortunately, it’s apparently no longer hosted on AWS but the Business Insider article at least captures the flavor of it.

A couple of years back he was also on this podcast (for which they supply a transcript) talking about his book “Speaking American”.

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I did see the app yeaaaars ago when it first came out. The hosting being down explains why I couldn’t seem to find it when I was looking earlier. :sweat_smile:

@rctatman are you storing the doc and code anywhere. Pl provide the link.

Ah, I haven’t done that yet. I’ll do my best to get it ready by tomorrow’s stream. :slight_smile:

@Aryabhat1 Here’s the repo with the code so far: GitHub - rctatman/dialect-quiz-bot: A Rasa bot that lets you take a dialect quiz. In development. :grin: