Twtich Stream Sunday 12/11 10 am EST Rasa Chabot Setup/Deployment

I’m going to be updating a basic chatbot I setup in a video you can find below where I setup a rasa chatbot with auto versioning and changelog and the CI/CD for github actions. I’m now today on my first twitch stream going to be updating it to work on my new blog I’m setting up for my YouTube venture, so if that interests you feel free to check it out at the twitch link below. I will be converting this into a YouTube video series.

I will also show how I deploy this to a Linode kubernetes cluster I setup via TF using helm and working of the model file I have stored in github.

Chatbot Auto Version Blog Post - Auto Versioning Any Project Using Commitizen & Conventional Commits

Chatbot Auto Versioning Video - Auto Versioning Code With Conventional Commits, Commitizen, and Rasa Chatbot Example - YouTube

Twitch TV For Stream Today - Twitch

I plan to do more content around DevOps, Cloud, Automation, Infrastructure as Code, and chatbots and other stuff I find interesting. I used to be a technical trainer for a while so I figured I would start sharing some of the knowledge I have.