Help me test out my Rasa Discord Bot for my final year project, pretty please? :D

Hello people in the Rasa forum! I currently have a Discord bot using Rasa and would love to have people test it out and give suggestions. The bot is for my final year project, and it would be great to have some outside help with messing around with the bot and filling out a short survey later for my final report.

A bit about the bot:

  • The bot currently only has a few features, so I would love to have some suggestions given!
  • I currently lack insight on how people will interact with the bot at first glance, as well as potential ways to break the bot, so I would absolutely love to have people messing around with it!
  • I don’t have a rented server, so the bot will be hosted on my computer, and thus will have random online hours and may not be always online.
  • If you’re interested in how I built the bot as well as my (very much spaghetti-like) code, I’ll hopefully be releasing it on GitHub once the project is complete! (July to August 2021)
  • I’ve already obtained permission from my supervisor as well as one of the Rasa Staff (thank you, Emma!) to invite others, in case your worried about academic ethics!

Anyhow, if you’re interested in helping out, or just want to see what this is about, please do join with this link! :smiley:


Very cool! Best of luck with the project :rocket:

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Thank you!! :smile:

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Giving this a tiny bump to say that I’m now at the report stage of the project and would love some help getting real-life validation examples and with a user experience survey! Anyone who is willing to help can join via the link above!

Thank you guys in advance! :blush: