Rasa Installation On Windows 10

We can use this thread to address to problems faced in Installation on windows 10…

The problems i faces while installing is

  1. httptools packageNotFound Error - resolve this by installing httptools separately using ‘pip install httptools’ while trying this visual c++ 14 is need requirement will be shown…so it should be installed first…standalone build tools are available in the Microsoft Website which may take around 1.5gb

Hi bibin, i will share how can i install in windows 8 machine without any huddles.

  1. First install Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable 2015 by the following link Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from Official Microsoft Download Center
  2. Install anaconda3 for windows from its sites.
  3. Then create a virtual python environment and activate the created virtual environment.
  4. Now install rasa and rasa X by following Rasa docs for installation in that created python environment.
  5. During installation httptools package not found error will come. Then install by following command #conda install -c conda-forge httptools
  6. then you can create rasa projects.

Hope this may help you.

Hey @bibin765, check this video it may help you :slight_smile:


yes this one actually helped…thanks buddy

welcome :slight_smile: