Rasa faq bot for University


I am trying to make a university bot using Rasa for my graduation project. The bot will be linked to the university’s Facebook page for students to chat. As this a graduation project, I will be required to show some quantitative results that I achieved through my bot .For eg: How does the bot add business value?, etc . Should I plan on taking a survey from the users (students) of my bot ? (if the bot helped them answer their queries, if they prefer a bot to going through the university’s website and so on). Please let me know your ideas. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

hi @Newkid, taking a survey is good also I would recommend to gather feedback from the user while he is interacting with the bot, this will help you to understand your bot performance :slight_smile:

Hey, thank you for the suggestion . I want to know if that will qualify for a complete project.

Hey @Newkid, It depends upon what features your bot provides, as you said in the example above does your bot adds the business value? Is it able to solve the problem which existing system can’t do? Does ur bot provides some features which is out of the box and is very useful?

Just give a thought over the above questions :sweat_smile:

Some of the features which I would like to suggest:

  • FAQ
  • provide navigation about the website
  • proactive notifications
  • provide suggestions to the user
  • Feedback