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I am trying to make a university bot using Rasa for my graduation project. The bot will be linked to the university’s Facebook page for students to chat. As this a graduation project, I will be required to show some quantitative results that I achieved through my bot .For eg: How does the bot add business value?, etc . Should I plan on taking a survey from the users (students) of my bot ? (if the bot helped them answer their queries, if they prefer a bot to going through the university’s website and so on). Please let me know your ideas. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

hi @Newkid, taking a survey is good also I would recommend to gather feedback from the user while he is interacting with the bot, this will help you to understand your bot performance :slight_smile:

Hey, thank you for the suggestion . I want to know if that will qualify for a complete project.

Hey @Newkid, It depends upon what features your bot provides, as you said in the example above does your bot adds the business value? Is it able to solve the problem which existing system can’t do? Does ur bot provides some features which is out of the box and is very useful?

Just give a thought over the above questions :sweat_smile:

Some of the features which I would like to suggest:

  • FAQ
  • provide navigation about the website
  • proactive notifications
  • provide suggestions to the user
  • Feedback


Awesome project. Ideas are flowing in my mind. I worked at a University for 17 years and built applications for various departments as well as the college’s main website.

  1. You could use it as an interface for Admissions and have it help schedule a visit
  2. put a user / prospective student in touch with faculty or a department head
  3. answer questions about events on campus
  4. team sports scores ( via an action’s API call)
  5. campus directory
  6. transfer course equivalency - i.e: I’m taking X course from Y university, will that transfer?

Instantly there is value from most of these because those could free up employee time from answering phone calls and emails.

If for example you decide to implement #1 - talk to admissions about the time spent on the phone, number of calls, etc. Get some stats, and then you can compare after the bot has been in production for a while. You can track how many interactions your bot has, as well as which ones it helps with as well.

All of that data will help your business case for the bot.

Good luck! Post back if/when you have it launched and you want some testers :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your suggestion! :slight_smile:

@jonathanpwheat Thanks a ton for the wonderful ideas. As of now, I made a basic bot that can 1) Book an appointment for the student with the admissions team 2) Subscribe to the university’s admission newsletter and 3) Answer student Faq’s about Visa, Accommodation, Programs, Admission criteria, Living costs, Internships etc.
The details entered by the students while contacting the admissions team like email, program of interest etc are updated in Google sheets through an API. Also, an email is sent automatically to the students when they sign up for the newsletter. I created a Facebook Page and linked my bot to it.

You can chat with the bot here : Jedi School of Business - Home | Facebook I don’t have a coding background and am pretty new to Rasa so am a little nervous :slight_smile:
Do let me know your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the encouragement! :slight_smile:

This sounds great. So if I got to your Facebook page, Like it, I see a “Send Message” button, is that the Rasa chat bot?