Rasa chatbot


I just made my first rasa news bot which basically uses NY times API and gets top 5 news articles in categories like Sports, technology etc. I now want to modify this chatbot code and make it work as a University assistant,i.e, the chatbot should fetch relevant information from a university’s website in response to the student’s query. I want to know if I can achieve this by modifying the custom actions part of of my current chatbot? If so, how do I go about doing it? Are there any publicly available university API’s that I can use?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Newkid! Yes, you can make any API call from custom actions (e.g. using the requests library). I think you will want to look at each university and see if they have an API available. For example, the University of Michigan has an API, and I imagine other universities likely do as well.

@tyd Thanks a lot! I do not have much coding experience and am looking to modify the existing code in actions.py file. Please suggest if I can do this.

@Newkid Yes, I would recommend calling the APIs in actions.py using the requests library