Rasa domain file not found

I am facing this error when trying to train my model using the command “rasa train”:

Core training was skipped because no valid domain file was found. Only an nlu-model was created.Please specify a valid domain using ‘–domain’ argument or check if the provided domain file exists.

I tried specifying the filepath using the --domain tag as well but didn’t work. The yml file is valid, I used an online tool to do so. Please help me out here.

I am unsure what you meant with training with rasa core. Do tell us more about what you did to train the model.

Rasa Core is the Dialogue Engine for your texts to be displayed to you and to support actions and other things. NLU is more of a policymaker, training of the model.

If you are using the latest version, just hit

rasa train

later you can test the bot with

rasa shell

Hey @gcgloven, thanks for replying. I found the solution to my problem. Actually the domain.yml file was an invalid yaml file because of some extra spaces in it. Because of this, I got the error “domain file not found”.

I found this by using the command “rasa data validate”

One more reason to get this error could be duplicated keys in the domain.yml file. To check this,

1). The yamllint command-line tool using sudo pip install yamllint

2). Run yamllint domain.yml and check for

336:3 error duplication of key “utter_greet” in mapping (key-duplicates)