Rasa cost on google cloud

I am deploying my Rasa in google cloud VM, so far the cost is almost $150 !!

Is there anyway for cheap deployment?

yes you can do it by using container like Dokcer or kubernet on your pc

I am after deploying Rasa in production environment for my website 24/7. However, with GCP $150 monthly is over my budget. Is there any cheap way to deploy my Rasa project?

did you try google cloud run, it gives you 2GB Mem limit free containers, you can deploy the rasa bot there. i dont think you need to deploy anything except for the rasa open source for the bot to run 24/7

Thanks Souvik . . . that’s great input

I tried Google Run and it dose work well. However, only the problem is it took time to respond for the first time request? anyone face this issue before

That’s an issue with cold start because you are using the free version. You can upgrade to get rid of that issue or create a probe that makes sure your endpoint is up at all times.

Each probing request will account as a request in your billing.

thanks Souvik . . . However, in that case I will be back using my active VM, rather than using google run

Any idea on average how much the running cost or Rasa in production, monthly?

Cloud run is considerably cheaper than running a VM 24/7… However i would advise you for alternative VM providers other than google cloud in that case.

I personally use Hetzner from Germany, since i am in EU, 8GB 2vCPU VM costs around 10 euros/month.

Linode/ Digital Ocean, they are all considerably cheaper than GCP, AWS