Is there a managed cloud service that runs Rasa?

I read about ways to deploy Rasa with Docker, with Heroku, in AWS, in GCP, etc. This still seems to be quite some work, and especially a lot of maintenance for a production environment.

Is there a place that delivers the Rasa stack as a managed service (for a fair fee)? I think it would take all the hassle off and let us focus on the bot, instead of on the deployment. Anyone an idea or experience with this?

Hi @Nasnl. We do not offer Rasa as a managed cloud service today. The possibility is quite exciting and much needed though. As the team grows, we will be able to take on more and figuring out how to make deployment and maintenance of production systems even easier will be a priority

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Thanks Ty! Yes, making this easier would be very much appreciated of course. Running it on local works quite nicely, but indeed I was a bit putt off to find out how complex it is to get things running in a Kubernetes server environment, even with Helm chart available, due to the number of services running, the dependencies and the research you have to do to evaluate which choices would work best for you. Iā€™m sure many more deployments will follow when you guys get to that. Thanks for the great work so far in any way!