I’m facing issues while running my dialogue management model with RASA forms included. Here’s the error:

I’ve created unfeaturized slots and define my form as user_form in the forms section of domain.yml. I have my name, required_slots and submit methods defined in actions file. I’ve included the following in my story file: image

Note: I’ve also defined FormPolicy in the policies section of the configuration file.

Please help me figure out where is the issue coming from.


Hi Mounika,

is it posting your domain, actions and config files an option for you? If yes please do so, it might make ti easier to figure out what’s wrong.

@imLew Please find the requested attachments below

actions.py (5.3 KB) domain.yml (4.3 KB) config_spacy.json (113 Bytes) stories.md (1.1 KB)

Thanks for the files, I’m going to see if I can figure out from that. Meanwhile, I should have asked this earlier, what version of Rasa are you running and which version of python are you using? What is the exact command that produces this error? Does it run without errors if you do not include user_form in the stories?

Thanks for your response @imLew The versions are as follows RASA CORE: 0.8.2 RASA NLU: 0.11.4 Python: 3.6.5 The error is produced when I try running the dialogue management model (dialogue_management_model.py) attached to this post.dialogue_management_model.py (1.2 KB) Yes, it runs without error if I do not include user_form in the stories. But if I don’t include it, the form wouldn’t activate.

That is a very old version of Rasa. I think 0.8.2 it doesn’t even have the FormPolicy as it is listed in the changelog to 0.12 as being added (Change Log). I also noticed that in your python script you do not import the FormPolicy and don’t add it to the list of policies when initiating the agent either. If it at all possible I recommend you upgrade your rasa. We’ve released a new package (simply called rasa) that combines core and nlu.