Config.yml doesnt recognize FormPolicy

Hi everyone!

Im starting in this world and programming one form i have this error:

You have defined a form action, but haven’t added the FormPolicy to your policy ensemble. Either remove all forms from your domain or exclude the FormPolicy from your policy configuration.

Show my code Rasa 1.9.2

config.yml config

I hope someone could help me! i dont know more things to do…:dizzy_face: Thanks

The FormPolicy is an extension of the MemoizationPolicy which handles the filling of forms. Once a FormAction is called, the FormPolicy will continually predict the FormAction until all required slots in the form are filled. For more information, see Forms.


Im not much clear about your problem hope this may help you its better if you explain it further

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Yes thanks for your answer! =) i took a look to the post you told me, i know the FormPolicy does, the problem comes when i use the command “rasa train”, then terminal shows the error i described before. I have the config.yml similar a lot of posts from here and github, but i dont know how to fix it. Maybe there is a command to load the config.yml…?

I am stuck for sometime with same issue. If you have found the fix for this, can you please share it here? That would be of great help.