Rasa core does not call Custom Action server

Hello everyone,

So my system consists a few things: 1/ Rasa core with NLU run in a docker 2/ a NodeJS server acts as a custom action server

The situation:

1/ Networking: I confirm that I can ping and curl from Rasa running docker to NodeJS custom action server 2/ My settings



  • action_search_article


search article

  • search_article
    • action_search_article


action_endpoint: url: “http://my_nodejs_ip:5055/webhook”

Then from Rasa docker I run rasa command line: rasa run --enable-api --log-file run.log -v -m /app/models/model.tar.gz --endpoints endpoints.yml

3/ When I called “curl localhost:5005/model/parse”, Rasa did respond me NLU “search_article” intent result. However it never called my NodeJS action as it were supposed to do so.

Anyone please help me on this? Thank heaps

Just to confirm. In your message I read two different port numbers.


Just want to confirm it is not a port number issue.

yes, the port is correct. I figured it out. i need to call

curl -XPOST http://localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook
-H “Content-type: application/json”
-d ‘{“sender”: “test”, “message”: “hello”}’

“localhost:5005/model/parse” <-- this will not work

I think the problem here is “localhost:5005/model/parse” is for NLU to parse a text using models only

I have clarification how to run the rasa server on rasa.ai.com (provided static IP and domain name) instead of localhost:5005, my environment is windows and offline environment (there is no access to internet)

any reference to the solution is greatly appreciated… thanks in advance