Can't run custom action with Docker

Hey i’m trying to create a chatbot with RASA in Docker but i can’t use custom action, the bot don’t respond.

I’m running the action server in a Docker container with docker-compose. This is the docker-compose.yml file :

version: '3.0'
    image: rasa/rasa-sdk:latest
      - ./actions:/app/actions

And this is my endpoints.yml file :

  url: "http://action_server:5055/webhook"

To interact with the chatbot, i execute rasa/rasa:latest image Docker with this command :

docker run -it --network="chatbot_rasa_default" -v $(pwd):/app rasa/rasa interactive

But at the moment where the bot should execute the custom action, he said nothing (it’s the same thing when i use rasa shell -vv cmd):

? Your input -> hey
? Your NLU model classified 'hey' with intent 'greet' and there are no entities, is this correct?  Yes
Chat History

 #    Bot                        You
 1    action_listen
 2                                      hey
                         intent: greet 0.80
? The bot wants to run 'action_hello_world', correct?  Yes
Chat History

 #    Bot                                  You
 1    action_listen
 2                                                hey
                                   intent: greet 0.80
 3    action_hello_world 1.00
? The bot wants to run 'action_listen', correct?  (Y/n)

The bot sould respond “Hello World !” because it is written in action/ file :

from typing import Any, Text, Dict, List
from rasa_sdk import Action, Tracker
from rasa_sdk.executor import CollectingDispatcher
class ActionHelloWorld(Action):
    def name(self):
        return "action_hello_world"
    def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
        print("this is tracker",tracker)
        dispatcher.utter_message("Hello World!")
        return []

But i noticed that the action server logs returned nothing :

[root@vm]# docker-compose up
Creating network "chatbot_rasa_default" with the default driver
Creating chatbot_rasa_action_server_1 ... done
Attaching to chatbot_rasa_action_server_1
action_server_1  | 2019-11-15 10:19:17 INFO     rasa_sdk.endpoint  - Starting action endpoint server...
action_server_1  | 2019-11-15 10:19:17 INFO     rasa_sdk.executor  - Registered function for 'action_hello_world'.
action_server_1  | 2019-11-15 10:19:17 INFO     rasa_sdk.endpoint  - Action endpoint is up and running on http ('', 5055)

Why the bot didn’t respond “hello world !” ? I missed a step ?

Hello @vivitare,

Are you running the Rasa server and the action server separately, not in the same Docker network ? I don’t see the Rasa server service in your docker-compose.yml

Thks @fuih

Nope, they can communicate with each other because i run rasa with this command :

docker run -it --network="chatbot_rasa_default" -v $(pwd):/app rasa/rasa:latest shell -vv

When he can’t communicate with the action server, a message appear that they can’t communicate with each other.

Are you running it in two separate docker containers or the way it is described in Running Rasa with Docker? If they are separate I think you might need to open the port for the action server

they don’t need open port because they are in the same network, they can ping between them.

Hola @vivitare!

Shooting from the hip here a little, but I think I had the same problem. Try making the docker --network in your docker container the same as the action_endpoint in endpoints.yml.

So the final command would look something like this:

docker run -it --network="action_server" -v $(pwd):/app rasa/rasa:latest shell -vv

Hope that helps!

@vivitare I had the same problem. You were able to solve it ?