Rasa Community in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Hi, if anybody in Chennai or Tamilnadu is interested in Rasa, please join us by sending me message.


Hi am in

Very good. Lets take this further

Hi, i am from Hyderabad.

Hi guys! This sounds great. Is there any meet-up group for rasa community in chennai?

Yet to meet in Chennai. We can arrange a meet once we get 5 people minimum. Till then we can share info by mail or phone.

Hi Guys, I am in

Hi, I am interested in joining the Rasa Chennai community. Please let e know the process,

i am intrested

Hi, I am interested, and i am planning to start a project in RASA. Please guide me on it. I am belongs to Coimbatore

Hi,I am from Hyderabad I want to join in your group[my native place is chennai]


Hi… I am from chennai. Let’s exchange ideas…

You are planning to start with RASA X or any specific RASA 1,x version…

hi i am in. I am from coimbatore

Hello all

I am planing to use Mongodb. my requirement is, intent have to be load from the conversation. so i am planning to configure mongodb to rasa intent. please provide some suggestions/documents.

Thanks in advance.

Hi I am from Hyderabad. I would like to join the community.

Actually i am working on HR Chatbot for HR policies. I build the plain bot and tried to understand things but when coming to integration to our official website i dont have any idea.

Can we discuss on this?

Hello Friends!

Hi ,I am in!

Hi I am in for Rasa User Group Chennai.