Rasa integrate or deploy on wordpress website?

Hi Team.@rasa @JiteshGaikwad @Sara @Juste @rasa

I have developed a chatbot using Rasa and need to integrate or deploy it to our company website which is build using WordPress. Can you guys please help me out to know how to go about implementing the same or any tutorials. I have seen the documentation but it’s not clear :frowning:

Many thanks in advance Nik

Hi @nik202. For the integration part you will have to get a chat UI first. Is there a chat widget you have available right now or are you looking for a possible option?

Thanks @Juste I have a Chat Widget ready and its action endpoints also working fine on localhost. I need some assistance how to integrate with word press website. I have also seen you masterclass video, but how to work on word press? Thanks for the prompt reply.

Hi @Juste any suggestion on the integration of Rasa Chat bot on wordpress website?

@Juste and @erohmensing if you can suggest anything on this, please? I have my custom chat widget (HTML, CSS, and JS) for Rasa and it is running successfully on a local server while running action endpoint server 5055 and local server on 5005 but I want to deploy my custom build chat widget on WordPress website. What will be the step or process need to follow.