Rasa integrate or deploy on wordpress website?

Hi Team.@rasa @JiteshGaikwad @Sara @Juste @rasa

I have developed a chatbot using Rasa and need to integrate or deploy it to our company website which is build using WordPress. Can you guys please help me out to know how to go about implementing the same or any tutorials. I have seen the documentation but it’s not clear :frowning:

Many thanks in advance Nik

Hi @nik202. For the integration part you will have to get a chat UI first. Is there a chat widget you have available right now or are you looking for a possible option?

Thanks @Juste I have a Chat Widget ready and its action endpoints also working fine on localhost. I need some assistance how to integrate with word press website. I have also seen you masterclass video, but how to work on word press? Thanks for the prompt reply.

Hi @Juste any suggestion on the integration of Rasa Chat bot on wordpress website?

@Juste and @erohmensing if you can suggest anything on this, please? I have my custom chat widget (HTML, CSS, and JS) for Rasa and it is running successfully on a local server while running action endpoint server 5055 and local server on 5005 but I want to deploy my custom build chat widget on WordPress website. What will be the step or process need to follow.

Hi @nik202 were you able to solve this issue. I have the exact same issue. I have my bot ready and I have @JiteshGaikwad chatwidget. But I can not integrate it with my own wordpress website. And if I use RASA’a official webchat widget it is very basic and I can not edit it. If you can help me on how can I edit Rasa’a official webchat that would be very helpful.

Hi Anshul, Since Jitesh Gaikwad chatwidget is made with ReactJS & Tailwind CSS, you can embed React apps into WordPress with the ReactPress plugin . Refer to Easily embed React apps into WordPress with the ReactPress plugin - Rockiger If you are familiar with React and javascript then you can to @rasahq/rasa-chat - npm and see if you can modify it.

I will highly recommend to use rasabotfront widget and use there snippet code in your WordPress website under the section insert header and footer. Please see some of my other post where I have mentioned how you can integrate the RasaBotfront on WordPress.

@mindseye jitesh widget is not developed using ReactJS it’s just simple html,css and js.

The GitHub mentions that widget 2.0 is made with reactjs and tailwind css - Widget 2.0 released, built using React JS & Tailwind CSS

Hi Nik,

Thanks for replying. I have tried using botfront also but jitesh’s widget was close to perfect for us. But since there is no solution to this, I will try editing the botfront. Also Nik since you are an expert in RASA please help me here: I have chatbot which helps the customer to go through what our company offers. The flow goes like this: Customer greets>bot greets and gives list of solutions that we provide>customer chooses a solution of their interests(e.g. A)>bot provides further lists of sub section and the story goes on for solution A. My question is if a customer wants to change his solution of their Interests from suppose A to B in later stages how should I tackle this in my stories? Do I have to make every combination of paths which I think would be a lot of stories.

@owl29 my personal favorite is Rasa botfront and it also have more features and on the other hand jitesh one is for static webpages and I can guess your company website should be dynamic.

For customer choose change in between you can use slots or forms. Check some videos Rasa YouTube channel.

If you need any further clarification. Let me know.

Yes I can see he recently update the new branch.

It’s good you can able to customize the bot.

I am using Botfront for the UI now. I had this doubt if RASA can handle multiple users at a time or not in production. I mean will it impact the bot reply time if more users join the chat at a time? If yes, how can i reduce the time?

@owl29 how you will test the multiple user interaction by the way?

Anyways the answer is yes, it will handle concurrent or multiple request at the same time, but sometimes depends on the use case to use case. Try and test yourself.

Good luck

Actually I am interning with this company and they wanted to build a chatbot for their website. So I’m creating sort of POC project and chances are very high that it will go live with my version. That’s why I wanted to clear because they haven’t mentioned anything about concurrent user capability of RASA.

Also I am the first one here using RASA which is the reason we are having some issues in deploying it.

@owl29 what more help I can give you? or what now you are looking for? Rasa will handle multiple concurrent user requests, and it also depends on how much processing you are doing at the backend and what time it takes to render the response. Hope it now forms a deadlock.

Hi Nik, I thought replying to this would be easier to ask out for your help. So I want to change the colors and all in my rasa-webchat. I can do it in my vscode since I am using index.html file to add a tag above my tag, But since in wordpress I am only adding the script file so how can I add my new styles into wordpress?

Also I have tried adding a new styles.css file in my project folder the script is not accepting the local file instead it is linking to the web one I think.

@owl29 please add the head and footer plugin and then add CSS and script i.e

< rasa webchat script>

That’s it. Let me share how your chat widget looks like on the localhost or on the WordPress website. PS: I am afraid the approach of CSS will not work as you think. Try first on a localhost if it’s working then it should work on WordPress too. Moreover, please ref the webchat (bot front) too : GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront Check the style hierarchy. Thanks.