RASA Chatbot | System Requirement

Hi All,

I am planning to develop a RASA chatbot and this I am doing first time.

What my understanding is, we can uses any platform (windows/ Linux) for configuring the RASA. Can any help me to get the details about the window and linux server requirement for configure and deploy the RASA chatbot?

For windows & Linux

OS & Version RAM Count of CPUs

Thanks in Advance, Maadi.

@akelad I am working on RASA for about an year now.Currently I am working on a project where as per requirenment we had to make 21 models with diffrent scenarios and data.I am still wondering that the mentioned RAM requirenment as 8gb RAM in RASA doc is only for one model?so I shall be having 21*8 = 168gm RAM min to run 21 models? OR this 8gb RAM is for any no of models you run? As I am already facing issues to how to calculate the RAM requirenment for no of models.