Minimum System Requirements


I just went through your tutorials on RASA stack and thank you for such detailed explanation on your docs and special thanks to Justina for excellent videos. I was able to run it on my windows machine.

But I am having issues on my personal laptop and hence would like to move to a cloud environment - possibly DO. Is there any minimum system requirement for the RASA stack? I am a newbie, would like to just get started and then scale up based on needs. I did not find recommendations on system requirement anywhere in RASA docs. Im looking for minimum CPU, RAM, HD info. Please let me know or point me to the relevant documentation, so that I can choose a corresponding droplet on DO.

Thanks in advance.

By my estimation: There are no hard minimum-requirements for developing with RASA. If you run low on RAM your OS should start using swap memory. Storage-wise rasa is not very demanding either. The real difference is the speed of your processor. You will spend a lot of time waiting for NLU/story models to train. Ask yourself what your time is worth because a fast CPU will get you a lot more test data per hour.

Possible: 8GB RAM, 64GB storage (for the love of science make sure its an SSD), i5 or similar processor.

Recommended: 16GB RAM, At least quad core Ryzen or i7.

Thank you

As the size of NLU increases, it takes more time to train your model, I am using RASA on 8gb RAM, i7 processor, it is taking around 60 minutes to train my model, whereas I trained the model on 32 gb RAM i5,it took 28 minutes to train.

Least config can be 4 gb RAM, i5 Moderate 8 gb RAM i5 If you want to train it quickly you can train your model on google colab.

I am having very less amount of data and my configuration is about 8GB RAM but it trains slowly when I am using HTTPS (around 17 min)similarily when I am using HTTP it takes very less time.