Minimum system requirements to Rasa server and limitation of number of client requests coming in parallel?

I have started exploring Rasa and planning to switch from Dialogflow to Rasa. However, as of now my several attempts to answer the following two questions by exploring the Rasa docs and previous forum posts like RASA Chatbot | System Requirement and Minimum/Recommended System Requirements for RASA(NLU+Core), went in vain as the links provided in the answers are broken. Probably, because those links are no longer valid.

So here are my two questions:

  1. What is the minimum and recommended system requirement to host a Rasa Server?
  2. What is the maximum no. of client request a Rasa server can process in parallel?

On a side note, I am curious to know about the Rasa platform which is highlighted in this post Rasa Platform. Apparantly, Rasa platform seems to be a product but I couldn’t find it in the list of solutions in the Rasa homepage and also under the Rasa pricing page.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @utkalsinha! If you have not seen it already, I recommend checking out the migration guide from Dialogflow to Rasa here.

Rasa Platform has been replaced by Rasa X Enterprise Edition. If you want to know more about this, I would check out Rasa X Community Edition and reach out to our team here if you are interested in better understanding the enterprise product.

  1. You will find the Hardware and OS requirements here.

  2. The answer depends on your use case, especially the complexity of your model. However, there are a lot of very large enterprises using Rasa (e.g. 5 of the 10 largest US banks). The sales team will be able to help you figure out how to make Rasa work for you