Rasa Chatbot - RPA integration

How can i integrate the Rasa chatbot to RPA. is it possible to do integration with UiPath or any other RPA platform.

Hi @ravikrcs. I would guess yes, but you will likely need a custom connector. Can you provide more specifics on what you are trying to achieve?

I have recruitment portal website so, i want to make better Chatbot that do lots of work for me. i build FAQbot for my website but i want to make more interactive. Example: when i say bot to give me python developer candidate, then it will go to my website search window and type python developer and return the link of obtained result. Example: when i ask for holiday list then bot should display that holiday list window or atleast return the hyperlink of that.

Any Suggestion?

Hi @ravikrcs. If you have all that information in db (about the candidates), it should be pretty easy to extract that data using custom actions. The same for holiday list - you will need an api or a db with that information first so that a bot could access it using custom actions

Thanks, i will try this

@ravikrcs - I need a simple rasa chatbot and RPA integration. Can you please provide steps or sample. Thanks in advance.

@ravikrcs Hey, were able to connect Rasa with UiPath?

@rajas.black rajas.black were you able to find any solution how to connect rasa to rpa?

@ravikrcs were you able to find steps to connect rasa to rpa?