RASA to Salesforce platfrom connector

Hi all,

Is it possible to develop a chatbot in Rasa and then connect it to Salesforce platform (and leverage Salesforce chat UI)?

Thanks for help AV

Hey @amvas, check out the below docs it may helps you:

Your Own Website

Thanks @JiteshGaikwad for the link. Actually I am looking for something like: live agent connector for Salesforce. In the link provided, it is mainly about web integration. Any thoughts for Salesforce platform?


Does Salesforce platform provides any api’s for integrating bot with it, if so you can use the above doc to integrate.

Thanks @JiteshGaikwad for reply. I need to verify Salesforce api support.

Hey Guys. any updates on Salesforce + Rasa connector?:slight_smile:

You can contact the support service. On this site I always get advice about games, I think on the site of the program that interests you there is also such a service

There is no connector available for Salesforce + Rasa, but there is an alternate way to achieve it!. find the solution in my medium post,

connecting the Rasa bot to Salesforce