RASA and RPA Automation

Hi Folks,

Has anybody connected RASA to any RPA tools like UiPath? If you have some documentation please do share.

@nik202 Can you help?

@rajas.black Have you seen this? https://youtu.be/xeI5Gtaa4dI

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@nik202 Nope not yet. Is it Druid - UiPath connection?

@rajas.black I am not familiar with RPA and UiPath either. But I searched for you. Please see this video. Can I asked two questions?

Yes please

@rajas.black Q1: Did you developed the Rasa Chatbot? and Q2: Why RPA and UiPath, what is this bascially?

  1. Yes, I have developed couple of RASA bots before.
  2. I am trying to integrate RASA along with RPA to automate tasks for those which can’t be achieved using API calls.