RASA and RPA Automation

Hi Folks,

Has anybody connected RASA to any RPA tools like UiPath? If you have some documentation please do share.

@nik202 Can you help?

@rajas.black Have you seen this? https://youtu.be/xeI5Gtaa4dI

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@nik202 Nope not yet. Is it Druid - UiPath connection?

@rajas.black I am not familiar with RPA and UiPath either. But I searched for you. Please see this video. Can I asked two questions?

Yes please

@rajas.black Q1: Did you developed the Rasa Chatbot? and Q2: Why RPA and UiPath, what is this bascially?

  1. Yes, I have developed couple of RASA bots before.
  2. I am trying to integrate RASA along with RPA to automate tasks for those which can’t be achieved using API calls.

To connect RASA and UiPath effectively, you’ll likely need to use APIs. RASA can send user inputs and receive responses, while UiPath can execute the corresponding actions. You may need to develop custom API endpoints or connectors to facilitate this communication.

Thoroughly test your integration to ensure that the chatbot and automation workflows work together seamlessly. During testing, address and debug any issues that arise.

Consider creating internal documentation as you progress with the integration. This documentation should outline how the systems are connected and provide guidance on maintaining the integration. It can be a valuable resource for your team and for future updates.

Throughout the integration process, be sure to prioritize compatibility testing in software testing. This ensures that RASA and UiPath work harmoniously together and that any updates or changes to either system won’t disrupt the workflow.