Rasa Chatbot Integration with a website

Hi everyone, I created a FAQ chatbot using RASA,and i succesfully deployed it in command line. But now I wan t integrate this chatbot to our oragnisation website created using wordpress. I want to know which is the best chatbot UI framework and how can i integrate RASA chatbot with this UI. Thank you so much in advance.

You can check out Rasa Webchat. It can be imported in Javascript and integration with Rasa is very easy.

Hi Alex, Thank you so much for your response, but can I integrate it with wordpress website ?

Unfortunately I have no experience with WordPress, but as long as you are able to include custom javascript in your website it should be no problem. Consider the description of the setup in a tag on the github page, if you copy the code given there it should work.

Okay thank you so much for your response Alex

Hi @technophile_2507

Were you able to integrate Rasa Chatbot to Worpress website? I am trying to accomplish the same and not able to find out the proper way, Can you help?


hey Technophile can you share your project in GitHub

hello team , i want help i have done chatbot but i want integrate with my website , what can do ? please help , thanks in advance. and 2nd question is how to add voicebot in my chatbot , please help me. thanks in advance.