Rasa Chatbot keeps going down on AWS EC2 docker container

I have installed Rasa X and Rasa Open Source on EC2 using Docker Containers.

Initially it works fine and I am able to access the Rasa X UI and also able to run the bot on my website. But after sometime (24-36 hrs), the bot goes down.

In the AWS EC2 Instance status checks, I see that the “Instance reachability check” has failed.

Not sure what is going wrong. Neither am I able to pull out any relevant logs.

Can someone please help in figuring out this issue.

@anarockin I am not sure but it’s related to the AWS issue not related to Rasa.

I do not personally use AWS but still trying to help and please judge me on this.

Instance status check what message are seeing?

Check this links: Troubleshoot status check failures on an unreachable EC2 Linux instance | Troubleshooting EC2 Linux Instance System Status Check Failure

I hope this will help you to solve your issue.