Run Rasa Chat bot on Production Servers

How to run Rasa Chat bot on AWS servers? I have a linux ec2 instance, RHEL fedora, and I am using the following 2 gitHub projects to help me get started

I am able to follow their instructions, but I can’t figure out the part where it states running on How do I view the working chat bot on my browser? I am not running the chat bot locally on my system. It is a huge task to run it on a WINDOWS system, instead I have set it up on ec2 instance. Help of any kind would be much appreciated. Awaiting response.

@monikr_on_east Hey I recommend using ubuntu in EC2 as it already has p3 installed. i have successfully uploaded my bot to AWS server and it’s interacting with my application. How are you uploading the files in AWS? Can you tell me what’s your progress?

Hello Akshit, as said before, the ec2 instance is rhel fedora, with python 2.7. I didn’t have much problems as such with versions. It is just that I am unable to figure out how to provide a web interface to the bot. The bot I started with was the starter-pack from rasa. I am unable to work out Chat & Voice platforms part. Could you possibly shed some light on the Rest Channels and Rest Input part?

how are you doing that. give some suggestion or better in steps