Integrating chatbot to website built on wordpress

Hi All,

I am trying to develop a simple bot and integrate it into a website built using Wordpress. Has anyone here tried doing this? Can this be achieved using the following REST channels?

My understanding is I can have a separate chat window hosted on server using ‘chatroom’. But how do I integrate it to WordPress site?

@JiteshGaikwad Any inputs on this? Can your widget be used to integrate it to wordpress site?

hey @vishnuragas i havent worked on wordpress so i cant say about that but you can give it a try😃

@vishnuragas I am currently looking for the same thing. What web chat widget did you integrate with wordpress? Thanks.

Hi guys, any update on integrating rasa with wordpress !!!

Hi guys @Aashay1 @JiteshGaikwad @mrafea @vishnuragas ,

any news on this?

not yet !!

Is it possible that nobody on the forum did this with wordpress? :smiley:

@Juste, is there any rasa documentation about this that we are missing? :smiley:

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@Aashay1 @JiteshGaikwad @vishnuragas @rasafan we deployed a bot on wordpress website. We used a wordpress plugin called WP Coder.


Hi @mrafea, can i have some more detail about the integration… I’m trying to integrate a bot to wordpress site. I’m very new to rasa. I built it using rasa x.

Hi @mrafea, @arjun_bharadwaj,

Can I get more details on how to implement the Rasa Chatbot on a Wordpress website please. Is there any sample code that we can refer to?

Regards Sara

Any more suggestion? Mr @mrafea as you have deployed on word press website please help all of us.

Many thanks Nik

Hi all, As I mentioned, I used a wordpress plugin called WP Coder that allows adding html, javascript and css code. Afterwards, I added code from GitHub - JiteshGaikwad/RASA-Chatbot-UI: A chat widget easy to connect to RASA core bot to custom channel Hope this helps.

Hello, @mrafea

can you please tell us where are you hosting your wordpress website like godaddy, aws or gcp

and where is rasa bot hosted

hosting for both are same or different

Hello Paras, 2 servers all hosted in AWS; one contains WP and the chat widget, while the other hosts a custom endpoint & RASA.

thanks sir

Hi @Paras have you successfully deployed your Rasa chat bot on wordpress website?

@nik202 not yet

i am having issues with CROS validation

Thanks @Paras for the reply. What all you have successfully integrated can you share and help out please, if you have time or when ever you are free write. Many thanks in advance!

  1. created a project folder on server
  2. then i moved my content in that folder

i used this JiteshGaikwad/Chatbot-Widget content moved static folder and index.html file

  1. then locally i run ngrok http 5005
  2. then rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors "*" --debug initially i am using rasa run so i am getting CROS error but after changing the command bot runs fine
  3. then in static\js\script.js file change



  1. save the file and open the project page in browser
  2. and you find your bot is up and running

a) i am running bot on my site from my system through ngrok

b) my site is in html not in word press, so if your site is in wordpress, it might be possible that script.js might be fail to operate, you can convert it in jquery file