I want to embed "Rasa framework" into new website

Hello, I’m software developer on south-korea tour agency. :eyeglasses:

I want to embed “Rasa framework” into our company’s new website, which will be e-commerce for the tour booking service.

I kindly want you guys suggestion for the new website framework for Rasa.

ps.our company operate WordPress with woocommerce now.

Warmest Regards,


Hi @SUJEONG. One of the most popular ways to include Rasa into your custom website is using the Rasa webchat. You can find documentation on it here: Your Own Website

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Hi, @Juste Thank you for your kind reply. it’s really helpful for me. I appreicate you again to remind me seeing the official reference.:heart_eyes:

Warmest Regards, Sujeong

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Were you able to integrate Rasa Chatbot to Worpress website? I am trying to accomplish the same and not able to find out the proper way, Can you help?


My apologize for late answer.

You can put the rasa chatbot on the footer of the wordpress site using tooltip or etc.


Can you please share some details on how to implement this, as I am new to RASA and WordPress!

Regards Sara.