Rasa chat bot not working

Hello , when I have integrate my chatbot on my angular app I can’t see the chat bot on the page and I get two responses like this :

1 - ÿ0{“sid”:“6cfcb6044d6b4bdb8b0fa59691029ddf”,“upgrades”:[“websocket”],“pingTimeout”:60000,“pingInterval”:25000}

2 - ÿ6

mycode in front-end :

(function () {

let e = document.createElement("script"),

  t = document.head || document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];

(e.src =


  // Replace 1.x.x with the version that you want

  (e.async = !0),

  (e.onload = () => {




        initPayload : '/hello',

        customData: { language: "en" },

        socketUrl: "http://x.x.x.x:80",


        title:'Rast test bot',

        subtitle:'rasa test'








  t.insertBefore(e, t.firstChild);


anyone can help? thank you.

@azizmobarak123 What is your rasa version?

I have 2.4.0 and I got also this error o, console :

Error: server error at u.onPacket (index.js:116) at e.exports. (index.js:116) at e.exports.r.emit (index.js:1) at e.exports.onPacket (index.js:12) at index.js:17 at Array.forEach () at e.exports.onData (index.js:17) at f. (index.js:116) at f.r.emit (index.js:1) at f.onData (index.js:116)

@azizmobarak123 How this error is generated? I can see you using Botfront for front end.

Ok, Try few steps, hope it will solve your issue.

  1. For current environment create the requirement.txt file as it as running environment or create the separate environment, I don’t want to you face the installation issue for rasa open source

pip freeze > requirement.txt

  1. Update the Rasa Open Source Version, I guess its 2.8.1 for both Rasa & Rasa-SDK.
  2. In snippet code of JS, in index.html change the version to 1.0.0 to 1.0.1


  1. Change:

socketUrl: "http://localhost:5005", #first check its working on local host or not

  1. Whilst you update the rasa version, do train the model again and run the code. Delete all the previous model before that.

I hope this will solve your issue. Good Luck!

thank you so much , I was using a docker installation setup that points the port 5005 to 80 , I will try it again , thanks.

@azizmobarak123 You not mentioned, this but the process is same, I am also running my bot using docker. So its a clean solution. I would encourage, please try run the process on local host then using docker. If you have further doubt please mention me.