i would like to chat my bot in web ,when use GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront in rasa==1.8 ,it is work, but when i use it in rasa== 2.4 ,it can’t connet work, i dont know why

@aschao Do you see any errors in rasa console or browser console? If so please provide, which version of “https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/rasa-webchat@1.x.x/lib/index.js” link are you using? for rasa 2.4 you need to use “https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/rasa-webchat@1.0.1/lib/index.js

Hello @bharath-madduri, yes you are right it’s 1.0.1 for all rasa 2.x and 1.0.1 less than that its mention on the rasa/botfront Github page to. What issue you are facing with and what error in console, is that socket IO issue?