RASA cant detech quick_replies

When i call to utter define quick replies, how to Classify type button with type quick_replies. Thanks all. image


Please use buttons as recommended in the docs

  - text: "Hey! Would you like to purchase motor or home insurance?"
    - title: "Motor insurance"
      payload: '/inform{{"insurance":"motor"}}'
    - title: "Home insurance"
      payload: '/inform{{"insurance":"home"}}'

Thanks for your reply

Because when im using buttons and quick_replies json response in postman same format. So I can’t distinguish which one belongs to buttons and which one belongs to quick_replies based on response. Below is a picture of a that I use and the response of each case, you can see the response has the same structure

quick_replies is not a Rasa response. You can use text, buttons, and image.

If you want more than this, you will have to create a custom output payload with the keyword custom.

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Thanks you so much!

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