Cant find responses documentation for rasa webchat

Hi, I wanted to send payloads to use quick replies, or maybe other rich actions responses but I cant find whats the payload format that I can send from

Hello @dummyali Sure, No worries. I hope this will help you!

Ref from the JiteshGaikwad

  • sending response from domain.yml
  - text: "Please choose a cuisine"
      payload: quickReplies
      - title: chip1
        payload: chip1_payload
      - title: chip2
        payload: chip2_payload
      - title: chip3
        payload: chip3_payload

sending response from custom actions

  data= [ { "title":"chip1", "payload":"chip1_payload" }, { "title":"chip2", "payload":"chip2_payload" }, { "title":"chip3", "payload":"chip3_payload" } ]


  dispatcher.utter_message(text="Please choose a cuisine",json_message=message)

@dummyali check this ref link also :

That does not work, I want it for Rasa Webchat not for any other widget

@dummyali If rasa webchat support quick replies then this should work, else you can use buttons payload for your use case. I even share the botfront link, hope you seen that.

@dummyali this is supported by rasa webchat :

Good Luck!