Showing quickreplies in Rasa X

Is it possible to display on RASA X see RASA shell the quick_replies fields working with facebook messenger?


  - text: Ca va ?
    - title: Oui
      payload: oui
    - title: Non
      payload: non

Thank you for your advice.

Hi @valdu02100 when you say “display on Rasa X” what do you mean? Do you mean visually in the “Talk to your bot” screen?

Hi @akeladk,

That’s exactly right. I can watch buttons on RASA X or actions.

  - buttons:
    - payload: /sexe{"sexe":"homme"}
      title: 👨‍🦱 Homme
    - payload: '/sexe{"sexe": "femme"}'
      title: 👩 Femme
    text: De quelle sexe es-tu ?

Is this format recognized by Messenger? On a forum, I saw the formalization of my first message. Is it necessary to specify if it is for RASA or Messenger in the domain ?


So quick_replies won’t be properly rendered in the Rasa X “Talk to your bot” screen (they should be rendered as raw yaml though), because they’re specific to the Facebook platform. They’ll still show up as expected on Facebook Messenger though. The buttons format should also be recognised by Facebook, yes.

Specifying rasa or Messenger for your responses in the domain is only necessary if you want to have different responses dependent on the platform the user is talking to the bot on

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Thanks @akelad for precisions.

I will try it.