Rasa Buttons displaying incorrectly

I implemented 2 payloads in my buttons however, testing on both rasa shell and rasa x, It returns 4 buttons (as shown in the images below).


When I click on the actual buttons, nothing works, but clicking on any of the “new buttons”, it works. Why? is this a bug?

Hi @laboratory,

Try this

Button = []

Buttons.append({“title”:“within kigali”,“payload”:“within kigali”})

Buttons.append({“title”:“outside kigali”,“payload”:“outside kigali”})

dispatcher.utter_button_message(Button, “Are you within Kigali or outside Kigali?”)

hi @Sharada201 Thank you for your response. I believe this works for custom actions. I am implementing mine in the domain.yml file, like the following:

  - text: Are you within kigali or outside kigali?
    - title: "Within Kigali"
      payload: '/affirm_kigali{{"location":"kigali"}}'
    - title: "Outside Kigali"
      payload: '/deny_kigali{{"location":"others"}}

could it be due to the double braces ({})?