Button text is sent back to Rasa instead of payload

Hey there, I have the problem that when a user clicks my buttons, the button text is sent back to Rasa instead of the button payload. For most buttons this still works, but for some, especially buttons with one- or two-word texts, the training data is not proficient enough to understand the sole button text – although, I have created the exact matches and lots of further similar training examples.

When I test my bot in Rasa X the button payload is always sent back, but as soon as I do it on my website, it uses the text instead. So I assume, this might be a front end misconfiguration on my side? Has anyone made similar experiences in the past?

Thanks in advance!

@Sebastian Heya!

Can you share the button code snippet in which you having issue?

@Sebastian What is your rasa version rasa --version

@Sebastian What is your frontend and website?

@Sebastian Hey! Are you able to solve this issue?