Is it possible to respond to the same thread in the slack?


I would like to know, if there is any implementation in the slack integration to send response back to the same thread in slack channel?

For eg., I am starting a thread conversation in a slack channel and mention the bot to do some actions. In this case, currently the bot is responding back to the slack channel instead of that new thread started for a conversation. So, is it possible to send the response back to that same thread instead of posting the messages directly to a slack channel?

Thank you, Anoop Mohan

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Hi Anoop,

Unfortunately I don’t think that is currently supported, as the bot always posts in the defined channel. However in a future release I believe it should be possible to post to specific threads via custom json messages.

ok @erohmensing that will be very helpful if you rasa support that feature too. Also, it will be good, if rasa can support the following features too for slack integration.

  1. Post message to the same slack channel where the request is coming from
  2. Mention the username with ‘@’ symbol (<@recipient_id>), when posting the message to a public/generic channel.

Thank you,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll definitely add that to my list :slight_smile:

Great, thank you so much @erohmensing :slight_smile:


Is there any update to this? A github issue or PR? I have had a look through the code and adding thread_ts to the call to chat_postMessage as per Basic Usage — Slack Developer Kit for Python should do it.

The hard part comes with passing the original message’s timestamp through rasa. I’m not familiar enough with the code but if someone were to point me in the right direction I could have a go at an implementation.

This should probably be behind a configuration option such as “respond_in_thread”.

Hi, any update this?

This a highly requested feature but I don’t see any update on this @koaning

UPDATE: I see that the “use_threads” parameter has been added that fixes this. Hopes this helps others.