Rasa and whatsapp

How Can i display the rasa buttons in whatsapp…!

I get the same question, and I have another question,I want to display my talk on the web,but I cna not find You Input-> function,becasue i do not want to input on the Terminal,i want on the web ,and i am also write a app,but i can not get the response,hear any voice

It’s probably not possible… I’ve never seen buttons on WhatsApp.

there is : Chat on WhatsApp with WATI by Clare.AI


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Oh wow awesome!

Did you already connect the bot with WhatsApp?

yes, the buttons do not want to display

Rasa has a lot of problems ,!!!

because as you know, buttons are the best way to manage customer actions such as (choice, refusal, confirmation, call, reminder …)

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Yup. I use buttons on almost every message.