Show buttons in whatsapp

I want to show the dynamically generated buttons in WhatsApp but I am only able to show them in text format. in the text, it is showing both title and payload. Anyone please help @nik202

@akshayagrawal927 what are you using for WhatsApp? Twilio? or some other platform?

@akshayagrawal927 when you say dynamically did you mean custom buttons such as:


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If so, there is a lot of work around but personally, I haven’t implemented this approach as WhatsApp only shows the text-based interface. I do not remember someone I guess implemented this give me some time let me search and get back to you. Please don’t depends on me as my schedule is very hectic. Good Luck with your use case. Cheers!

Yes @afnaanbaig . I am using twilio as a platform here. I looked into the documentation of twlio and they are mentioning about submitting template fo approval but i am not sure what changes i have to make in rasa and where i have to make it, to make it work.

Thanks for your response @nik202 . Whenver you got some time please share the workaround with me till then i am also looking for possible solutions.Cheers!

@community .please help here

Hi @afnaanbaig what we can do next ? please suggest