Getting button index to use the Rasa Bot via WhatsApp

Version: Rasa X 0.40.1 Hello, I’m using Rasa for a button based bot that does it’s job based on button selection rather than context based input. Buttons can be deployed on several platforms such as telegram, custom website etc. but WhatsApp doesn’t provide an interface for buttons. So is there a way to map the buttons to their index value using custom action? As users on WhatsApp usually reply with a 1 or 2 instead of typing the entire button text.

@Nims007 No, WhatsApp not support the buttons features, if you even create the button in rasa. It will still show you the selection screen 1…, 2… But, on the other hand Facebook, RASA webchat, chatroom provide the buttons based features. You are using 3-party channel, so I am afraid you can’t do anything in this matter. I will encourage use rasa webchat for your deployment. Goodluck!