rasa 2.x

f"Failed to execute custom action '{self.name()}' "

rasa.shared.exceptions.RasaException: Failed to execute custom action ‘weather_form’ because no endpoint is configured to run this custom action. Please take a look at the docs and set an endpoint configuration via the --endpoints flag. Custom Actions

who could tell me how to deal with?

What does your endpoint inside endpoints.yml look like?

endpoints.yml (1.5 KB)

Thanks but it’s always good to include more details. How are you running rasa and did it refer to the endpoints file? What command did you use? Are you using containers? What versions of rasa and rasa-sdk do you have?

I use “rasa run actions” to run rasa, i don’t use any containers, the version are “rasa==2.2.2” and “rasa-core-sdk==0.14.0”,i test rasa in command line.