Rasa Core Response

Hey Guys, I’m completey new to RASA and im using the RASA NLU and Core with my own Node.js backend using botkit middleware, however im struggling to find a suitable endpoint to retreive the response from CORE defined in the templates file. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dana.

Hi, you can use the REST endpoint, just you need to add “rest:” in credentials.yml and you can request your RASA Core by url: localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook and contain of the body should looklike:
“sender”: “name”, // it is used to create a session.
“message”: “hi”

Hi jainkrunal,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, im aware of this endpoint however i was just wondering if there was another endpoint that gave back a more detailed response, like the intent, action name and the bot response.

Hey danadoherty639,

Sorry, haven’t used but there is an API like HTTP. There is an endpoint in HTTP API i.e. /predict to get a more detailed response but I was facing some difficulties using it but didn’t find a solution yet. I have already raised the query, you can find it out here: http://forum.rasa.com/t/http-api/12094?u=jainkrunal

Regards, Krunal Jain

Thanks for getting back to me, we ended up using to different endpoints to get the response we needed. Initially we make a request to the /model/parse endpoint to ensure the users text matched an intent then were using he /webhook endpoint to to get the bot repsonse. Hope this might be helpful.

Thanks, Dana

Hey Dana,

Why do you use /model/parse endpoint? What’s the use? You can use the fallback policies, if RASA CORE is unable to identify the intent present in the text by using appropriate threshold values!!!

Krunal Jain

Yes 100% correct. It was the middleware i was writing, it was specifcially listening out for intents coming back from RASA but i have changed this so that its not needed. Thanks for your help.

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