RabbitMQ not connecting to Rasa-production anymore


yesterday I upgraded from rasa-x:0.22.2 to 0.27.5 and from rasa:1.4.3to 1.9.6, for a bot I am running in Kubernetes. Additionally postgres:11.2 was updated to 0.11.3 (bitnami/rabbit still 3.7.17). Those were literally the only changes made.

Since the update I have the problem that the rasa-production/Rasa Server Pod seems to not have a connection anymore to RasaX via RabbitMQ and vice versa. The bot is working, but no conversations are tracked in RasaX /conversations. I had a look in the postgresql db and the conversations table is not updated. Additionally, I get a 422 when I open the /interactive endpoint (which also seems to indicate a broken connection between RasaX and Rasa Server, Rasa X Changelog)

I really cannot see anything in the logs, the Rasa Server logs always says this several times for each conversation: DEBUG rasa.core.brokers.pika - Published Pika events to queue 'rasa_production_events' on host 'rabbit'

The connection RasaX <> Postgres works, as I could observe from a password change that was reflected there. Also, from any Pod in question I can ping all other Pods, so connections within the cluster should not be the problem.

When I searched in the forum for similar issues, most where due to incompatibilities of versions. Is there anything known about the versions I use? Maybe did I forget to set an environment variable that was recently introduced (although I checked that)?


I had a similar issue. Are all of your pods up and running correctly?

Hi Shay,

thanks for your help. Yes, the Pods run correctly from a Kubernetes perspective and can communicate with each other.

I produced my K8s manifests following the steps outlined in the Rasa X docs for version ~0.20, before Helm charts were introduced. I realized there have been quite a few changes been introduced since then, especially regarding the RabbitMQ part. I will try to update soon. Was this as issue in your setup?