i am creating one viva chatbot where chatbot should ask question and user should answer . I am not getting how to start … plz help me

Hello @aby09. Have you checked our documentation? Over there we have some quickstarts and starterpacks which should help you get started with using Rasa. Once you are comfortable, you can then adapt the examples to your own use case. I would suggest checking the Getting Started page on our docs first and go through the 4-step onboarding.

yep i have checked. but my project is like a viva. i am not new to rasa

Great. Then please give a bit more details on what have you done so far, what are you looking to achieve and where do you struggle to proceed. It will make everyone much easier to help you out knowing more details.

project name is viva chatbot user will tell “please conduct viva on c (programming language)” bot will reply “yes sure please select level (easy,medium,difficult)” user replies with “easy”(lets consider easy) now bot will ask questions and user have reply to those questions. then give points based on result.

i am not understanding how to verify answers and where to write answers ( ,domain file or database)???