Question Answer Chatbot (FAQs)

Hello GentlePeople :slight_smile:

I am new to RASA and I pursuing masters and part of prog I have to build a chatbot and I choose to build a Question Answer Chatbot will hopefully will answers all questions but hopefully at leaset FAQs corectly.

Topic I choose is recent thing in Canada (You can laugh or come to Canada :wink: ) : Legalization of Cannabis In Canada. Question I might looking to answer would be around legalization, safety, storage, procurement etc on Cannabis.

I was looking to use seq2seq model but not sure how do I go about. Requirement of the course is to do almost everything by hand ie. don’t use any prebuilt models/chatbot and code everything by hand and to use opensource. I hoping I can use RASA open source but have no clue. Hopefully someone can give me enough pointers

Second reuirement will be to put a minimal UI. I was thinking of PHP and call the models using mechanism from PHP to call python . would this work ? if you have a better suggestion please let me know.

Hope to hear.

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