Weatherbot tutorial with latest RASA Stack

Hi! @Juste I followed your tutorial about weatherbot and implemented it successfully.

Can you make a new tutorial with the latest rasa stack version because after updation I am having issues with updated rasa nlu .

Can you share you github repo here, it’s help to someone.Thanks in advance

Hi Nishet! I haven’t uploaded my project to my github repository yet. I will let you know when the project get’s uploaded.

@prashant_kamble ohk no problem.Thanks

If you need any help in the project setup and installation. Feel free to ask I can help with that.

I just started working in RASA platform recently and trying to explore more.

yeah @prashant_kamble now i am making a hr chatbot for a college project purpose. if i found any query ya error i will ask you. even if you don’t have any problem then we can also make a group for rasa.:grinning:

Yeah, sure Nishet. No problem at all. I am also working on exploring the things and just started.

yupp , Thanks.

@prashant_kamble are you know how to get user response as a intent. like if user say give me detail of rohan and then its’s check in database and fine if there 1 rohan then its give a full data of rohan but if there 2 rohan then i fill stuff how we get particular data for particular id?

I haven’t reached that far yet. I will let you know if anything I found.

ohk thanks.if i found anything let you know.