Push notification(auto generated Weather API notification)

Hi i want send auto weather api notification to bot without asking quetion how i can do this?

Hi @sunilskn! I actually just answered a similar question to this: How to allow Rasa bot to control the conversation

okay thanks,i will check it

hi@tyd i need to show any push notification in my chatbot. Can you show me with example code?

@sunilskn Why don’t you just send push notifications to the channel you are using?

i willl tell one use case: suppose i have one inventory chatbot in this if anything got changed like updated stock,some records addedd and some updates about chatbot in such cases my chatbot send notification to user

@sunilskn I think you will just want to send those notifications from your backend to the channel you are using. If the user sends a message to you, then you would use Rasa to receive and respond to it

can you share example code ? i dont have idea how to do it

@sunilskn What channel are you using?

i am not using any channel.

By channel, I meant “connector”. It looks like you are using Slack.

You can find info about how to send notifications into Slack here.

You also probably do not want to expose your slack_token to the world by posting it on the forum.

okay thank you

i will tell another use case: i have one products chatbot in this if offers or dicount available then chat bot automatical shoul show result of these without asking user about offers or discount. ex: when i start the bot should give the notification like Bot: 20% offers available on shoes

There are many various options to pick from based on your demands. You need to adopt a strategic solution for this. I suggest signing up for a free account at Wonderpush or another service, creating a simple account to test out notifications, and start working through the process.

Push notifications are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to push information to users. They are particularly useful for promoting app features and interfaces. Push notifications are a form of real-time communication. The idea is to deliver information as soon as it is relevant to a user.