Chatbot push notification for new features

I want to show push up notifications whenever new features are added to chatbot which should be automatically shown to the user.

Connectors used:

  1. MS Teams
  2. Webex

Rasa Version:2.8.1

You can create a GitHub Action that sends a notification every time the code is updated. You can get the IDs of the user from your Tracker Store.

@ChrisRahme How to send a notification from rasa in msteams and webex?..also can we initiate the chat from the bot side instead of the user in these 2 channels?

@ChrisRahme Any solution?

You’ll need to see the Teams and Webex APIs to check how to send notifications

@ChrisRahme Okay I will checkout the Apis…could u tell me how to initiate the conversation from rasa bot in these channels?

You can override ActionSessionStart