Custom Connector without using APIs

Hi Everyone, I am trying to write a connector to connect my rasa bot. I got the input messages and now want to pass it to my bot. I am using this piece of code.

out = CollectingOutputChannel()
UserMessage(text, out)
responses = [m["text"] for m in out.messages]

where text is the input message. Now the issue is I am not getting any responses its giving []. Can someone help me with it.

Hi @adarshpansari , welcome to the Rasa Forum! Can you provide more context to your code snippet - what does your custom connector class & methods look like? If you post it between lines of triple backticks, you can format it as code for easy readability (I’ve edited your post to be like that too)


your code here


Hi @mloubser, So I havn’t thought much as to implement classes or function the snippet is all that I am currently using. I went through the custom_connector that is provided. It seems to be using APIs but I dont want to make API calls. I am able to get the message now I just want to pass it to my rasa bot.

What channel are the messages supposed to appear on without using an API? How do messages come in?

I get the messages from my website which is connected to my lambda function so in the event I get the user messages, these are actually the user queries the users input in the FAQ section so now the bot has got the responses for those queries. I just want to pass those messages to the bot.

Sorry I didn’t notice your message till now - What kind of lambda function is this? How does the platform work? Did you already find a solution to your problem?