Prediction priority for custom action and utter message

Hi all!

Guys, need help! I have a problem with prediction for my utter_message and custom action

  • slot{“my_location”: null}
  • my_location_search{“loc_search_type”:“benefits”,“loc_search_value”:“my location”}
    • slot{“my_location”: null}
    • slot{“loc_search_value”: “my location”}
    • utter_show_my_location_absent
    • utter_ask_location

  • slot{“my_location”: “London”}
  • my_location_search{“loc_search_type”:“benefits”,“loc_search_value”:“New York”}
    • slot{“my_location”: “London”}
    • slot{“loc_search_value”: "“New York”}
    • action_location_search

Why in this case Rasa always run action? How can I fix that? Thanks a lot!

What exactly should not happen? The action_location_search? What should happen instead?

Also, what Rasa version are you using and how does your config.yml file look like? Thanks.

Hi @Tanja , thanks for your answer!)

If my_location slot has no value it need to trigger utter_show_my_location_absent and than trigger utter_ask_location, if value is present (it is a categorical slot) bot need to run action_location_search
I use rasa 1.3.9 version
Here is my config.yml:

Sorry for the late response. How does your training data look like? Do you have both cases in your stories? In theory the bot should be able to distinguish between the two cases.