Wrong action predicted with RASA HTTP API

Hello, I’m working with RASA HTTP API, when I set slot by API the next action predicted was wrong, but in my local the next action predicted was correct. How can I fixe the order of my conversation (input user --> predict action --> execute action --> …) ?

I want execute this story :

  • user : Hello --> (user input)
  • Bot : hello --> (utter_greet) - Can I help you ? --> (utter_askhelp)
  • user : I want reserve a restaurant ! --> (input user)
  • bot : which type of food do you prefere ? --> (utter_ask_food)
  • user : chinese food --> (input user - entity : chinese- slot : chinese)
  • bot : please wait me … --> (utter_search) - you want to reserve a restaurante of chinese food ? --> (utter_markreserv - slot : chinese)
  • user : yes

so with this story, how can I use HTTP API (parse, predict action, run action…) and set slots used RASA version : 1.1.4


Hi @illi88, have you checked out the HTTP API docs? You can use it to send messages predict actions, execute actions, etc.

thank you, I had a problem with Policies

What problem did you run into?